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Re: RFS: echroot

2007/4/17, Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp>:

> >>  I am looking for a sponsor for my package "echroot".
> >[...]
> >The description says that this is an alternative to the
> >well-known chroot. What makes it different?
> >Kind regards
> >Nico
> echroot complements and extend chroot, run command with root directory
> set to NEW-ROOT.

That doesn't really explain anything, what does it really do?

dancer@{debian.org, netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

echroot extends the basic options that we found in chroot, with echroot we can control many more options than executing chroot. Here I show some of the options that we can happen to echroot.

For example:

mkdir ~/MOUNT

Mount another linux partition in ~/MOUNT
mount /dev/sda1    ~/MOUNT

with chroot
--->  chroot ~/MOUNT   /usr/bin/mc    
Run mc of   /dev/sda1   in  root  

with echroot
--->  echroot  --user=YOURUSER  --group=YOURGROUP  --stderr=YOURFILE  ~/MOUNT /usr/bin/mc
Run mc of /dev/sda1   in root and set the UID of the process to YOURUSER,  the GID of the process to YOURGROUP, redirect STDERR to YOURFILE, etc ....

The output of man echroot command.
       echroot is an extended chroot.

       echroot [OPTION...] NEWROOT COMMAND...

       echroot  is a simple tool born to be an extended alternative of the well-known chroot(1) tool. Run COMMAND with root directory set
       to NEWROOT.

       Run COMMAND with root directory set to NEWROOT.

       -d, --daemon
              Use daemon call to detach the process

       -e, --environment=VAR=VAL
              Set VAL value to the VAR environment variable

       -E     Don't inherit environment

       -f, --fork
              Fork before starting the process

       -g, --group=GROUP
              Set the GID of the process to GROUP

       -p, --pid
              Print PID of the process

              Redirect STDERR to FILE

              Redirect STDOUT to FILE

       -u, --user=USER
              Set the UID of the process to USER

       -?, --help
              Give this help list

              Give a short usage message

       -V, --version
              Print program version


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