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Re: RFS: openjpeg

Le mercredi 21 mars 2007 13:46, Paul TBBle Hampson a écrit :
> > Anyway, do you have a link to the new package, I'll try to have a deeper
> > review on this..
> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/o/openjpeg/

More comments:
* You have lintian warnings about missing manpages. They are required so you 
may fix this.
* debian/copyright: add licence section header between copyright part and 
licence part.. Policy required it to be verbatim but you may still seperate 
what is licence and what is copyright..
* debian/control: still you define a libopenjpeg-tools, and still the typo... 
Seems you have added autotool-dev to the build-dep.. Why is this needed if 
autotools are not used ??
* libopenjpeg1: libopenjpeg-1.0.0.so is not the right way to name a shared 
object I fear, it should be libsoname.so.soversion. And it seems that 
upstream is doing this wrong naming...
* Compliation was on my i386 machine I don't know if the FTBFS was fixed...

I fear that you may have a lot of trouble packaging and maintaining this since 
upstream does not seem to do a great building job..
Anyway, let's fix these first.
Please could you also have a deeper look before sending another link for 
review, it wastes my time and enthousiasm...


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