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Re: RFS: libsbml

Dear Moriyoshi,

On Tuesday 30 January 2007 08:37:55 Moriyoshi Koizumi wrote:
> Just a side note: I'm a full-time scientific programmer at the Keio
> University, working specifically on the E-Cell project
> (http://www.e-cell.org/ ) that aims to create  a versatile in-silico
> simulator and related toolkits.

I was once addressing the packaging of e-cell myself but failed somewhere in 
the middle - three years ago? Somehow I feel that it would be lovely if you 
would find some energy reserves of yours to address the packaging of E-cell 
as I presume it would considerably raise the acceptance of Debian in 
biological labs.

> 2007/1/29, Steffen Moeller <moeller@inb.uni-luebeck.de>:
> > Dear Moriyoshi and dear Changyan, please get in contact with each other
> > for an exchange of ideas for the package. Whoever wishes to go forward
> > with the maintenance should do so. A SVN-based group maintenance would be
> > preferable from my point of view as it does not harm and is much fun if
> > it works out nicely. It is in no way required, though. Andreas?
> Sure I will. Would anyone give some advice what is necessary to
> collaborate on it right now?
> I so far got my alioth account (moriyoshi-guest). I'm rather new to
> the arrangement of the Debian development though I've been involved in
> several opensource projects in the past, so any help would be
> thankful.

Andreas or Charles (who also lives in Japan, btw), will add you to Debian Med 
and with it comes the access to the svn repository. This is a lovely setup 
for the communication between the sponsor, the sponsee and the community. It 
is (particularly for larger projects) only the "debian" folder that is 
injected to the repository, btw. Instructions are on the Debian-Med wiki 
page.  I do not see any principal difference to general Open Source 

Let us wait for what the direct communication between you and Changyan will 
bring. Knowing that you are affiliated with e-Cell, I of course hope that you 
will focus on a packaging of that rather than on the library underneath and 
hope to win you both for a fruitful collaboration in Debian Med.

Best regards



Dr. Steffen Möller
University of Lübeck
Institute of Neuro- and Bioinformatics
Ratzeburger Allee 160
23538 Lübeck
T: +49 451 500 5504
F: +49 451 500 5502

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