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Re: broken packages?


> On 1/24/07, Székelyi Szabolcs <szekelyi.szabolcs@kfki-lnx.hu> wrote:
> > I have a package called morg-mailcommands that depends on Postfix.
> > Trying to install it with aptitude gives
> (...)
> You are missing some important pieces of information:
> 1) How you tried to install the package

I tried `apt-get install morg-mailcommands` and the same with aptitude.

> 2) Where is this package (so we can look at it)

Sorry, I cannot give you the source, but I can provide any packaging
information. Here are the main control fields:

Package: morg-mailcommands
Source: morg
Version: 0.1.1
Priority: optional
Section: non-free/admin
Maintainer: Székelyi Szabolcs <szekelyi.szabolcs@kfki-lnx.hu>
Pre-Depends: morg-base
Depends: adduser, morg-keyring, procmail, gnupg, sudo, postfix
Architecture: all

The question is why doesn't exim4 get removed when installing
morg-mailcommands (`apt-get install morg-mailcommands`) (which pulls in
postfix which conflicts with exim4)?


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