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Re: Re: RFS: ballview : new package version


I'd guess it's because the debian .diff does not preserve execute
permissions in files. Maybe, if you want to keep using that file, you
could chmod it in debian/rules *before* calling it.
thank you very much this hint, I added the corresponding lines to my rules file.

If the scripts are intended to be used on other platforms, how about
moving them out of the debian directory, in the upstream sources?
Well these scripts are in the upstream sources (see debian-upstream dir)
and when I want to create a source package, they are copied to the
debian directory. With this procedure future downstream autors can modify them to their liking.

By the way, I built a previous version of your package on a intel PC,
and the following problems remain :

- Some files have executable permissions while not necessary (such as

- There is no manpage for BALLview.
These issues are already fixed in the current version.

Please run a lintian test on your .deb and .dsc files before asking for
sponsorship. Sponsors will anyway do this test and ask you to fix the
problems, so there is no need to wait for them to do it :)
Well I did, but strangely the lintian on my machines shows me an other set of warnings/errors then the lintian on debian-mentors. Therefore I
submited the package to get all the warnings and errors.

But more importantly, it seems that your latest version does not fix the
problem of building on all debian arches. I doubt somebody will sponsor
your package until this is fixed.
I will reduce the set of supported architecures in the control file to:
Architecture: i386 amd64 ia64 sparc
I guess that a package does not have to support all arches, or am I wrong?

In roughly half an hour I will upload a corrected version of the package with the above fixes.

Yours sincerely

Andreas Moll

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