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Re: Removing self-managed configuration files?

Marc Haber <mh+debian-mentors@zugschlus.de> wrote:

> I doubt this.

The code is definitely not what I call complex. The tetex-bin package
is, but not that particular piece of code, once isolated.

> Additionally, this is a huge waste of maintainer time. Code like this
> _BELONGS_ into a standardized tool. Following your course of
> argumentation, why not have debhelper removed from the archive?

You're resorting to hyperbole and putting words in my mouth (sorry,
don't know how to express that well in english).

Of course a standard tool for doing that would be nice, but there is no
such tool now, as it seems. Now, ask yourself: when debhelper didn't
exist, did people refuse to make packages because "there ought to be a
standard easy-to-use tool for doing all these little things"?

As Manoj explained you, a standard tool won't magically pop up if
everyone is passively waiting for it.

> I still feel that the right place to do this is the tool that claims
> to be able to replace dpkg conffile (sic!) handling, ucf.

This "sic" has nothing to do here. ucf indeed performs a comparable task
as dpkg's conffile handling.

Remember: dpkg does _nothing_ particular for configuration files that
are not conffiles. The particular handling that ucf is trying to replace
is therefore aptly named "dpkg's conffile handling".


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