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Re: Removing self-managed configuration files?

Marc Haber <mh+debian-mentors@zugschlus.de> wrote:

>> I didn't know you were alone maintaining a hundred of packages that need
>> this particular removal code. Interesting.
> You seem to be deliberately misunderstanding me. I'll stop wasting my
> time.

I meant that when a maintainer copies code in its maintainer scripts, he
*must* read the code carefully and understand it. Therefore, if a
hundred maintainers do that as you suggest, there is a very high
probability that most, if not all, bugs are found during the process.

You know, the eyeball theory. But here, it really should work, as
maintainers are *really* expected to carefully check what they put in
their maintainer scripts (contrary to the general flaw in the eyeball
theory, where the actual eyeballs scrutinizing the code are not that
numerous for most projects IMHO).

And finally, please accept my apologies for having wasted your precious
time correcting your question (where the use of "conffile" was wrong,
and that of ucf not even mentioned), your algorithm (which was missing
'ucf --purge') and extracting the relevant portion of code from
tetex-bin that does what you want.


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