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Re: Tone-of-voice used by sponsors

On Tuesday 16 January 2007 19:52, Jari Aalto wrote:
> As to comes to removing "# dh_*" comments we agree to disagree on
> this. I have no problem with 
[name omitted]
> considering that a "good  
> practice", but I hope that all understad that developers may have
> other views that may be equally valid. After all the person who will
> be maintaining the package will surely know how he does it in most
> effective way

We are a heterogenous group of packagers for Debian - be it DDs or sponsees. A 
lesson that even the administration of the European Union has learned is that 
we should not attempt to render us into homogenous citizens. We shall be 
equal in rights - but not equal in cultures. The EU tears down customs but it 
preserves cultures.

With Debian it should be similar. Some DDs are verbose, some a bit tight with 
words. Some like cdbs, others consider it as less helpful. Some ..., 
some... . Some ..., some ... . The older I got, the more I recognized that I 
cannot be a friend of everyone. Neither in the professional nor in the 
private life. And nobody should expect everyone to be a good sponsor for a 
particular person and a particular piece of software.

Something to be learned from this long thread is that there is diversity and 
that many appreciate the examplified stricter directions for sponsoring. 
Hence, Debian would be poorer without it. So. please: if you do not like a 
particular sponsor then talk with him or her about it, split and try to find 
another one. After all, we have one things that unifies us: Debian and its 
manifestation in its social contract.

All the best


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