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Re: RFS: speedometer -- measure and display the rate of data across a network connection

Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> writes:

> Jari Aalto wrote:
>> http://cante.net/~jaalto/tmp/debian/speedometer/speedometer_2.4-1.dsc
>   * README.Debian is bogus.


>   * changelog has a useless empty line at the end of the file.


>   * dirs has a useless empty line at the end of the file.
>     if you would use install -D in rules, you could get rid of dirs
>     completely here.


>   * configure: stanza in rules is unused, remove it. same with build:
>    (but since build: is a mandatory target, just leave an empty build:
>     in rules)
>   * remove the useless commented stuff, e.g. in clean:
>   * remove the not used dh_* calls for your package, e.g.
>     dh_installexamples and others.

I would rather keep those for maintenence purposes and I find they keep
the packaged uniform with all the steps visible. After all, comments
are comments, in all programming languages. Leaving the unused dh_*
calls is permitted by New Debian New Maintainers' Guide[1].

I understand that there are different opinions about dh_* lines among
DDs; having observed the discussions several times in debian-devel.

>   * your package is arch all, hence all your dh_* calls should be
>     listed under binary-indep, not binary-arch.


>   * your debian/copyright lists the wrong GPL version.


> and btw, how about finishing fspanel first before doing other packages?

fspanes has been fixed. Thank you for the comments. The new package(s)
are ready at:

  dget -x http://cante.net/~jaalto/tmp/debian/fspanel/fspanel_0.7-7.dsc
  dget -x http://cante.net/~jaalto/tmp/debian/speedometer/speedometer_2.4-1.dsc



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