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Re: Linking with --as-needed in Debian Packages (Was: Re: RFS: flamerobin (updated package))

[Richard Laager]
> If I follow those steps, I'm making a bunch of changes in the source
> directory of the package, which creates a big diff [1]. Is that
> really the best way? Should I instead run those commands as part of
> the package build process?

I do this stuff at build time.[1]

Many people will tell you to do it manually so that you can check it
for validity.  To me, that's basically saying you do not trust the
autoconf, automake and libtool maintainers to maintain working
packages.  I'd rather just trust them to do their jobs.  And if,
someday, their packages fail to build my package - well, bugs can be
filed and workarounds found.

  [1] And, btw, regarding generated files: if you remove them in the
      'debian/rules clean' rule, the source diff does not record the
      deletion, it just skips over it.  Much simpler than messing with
      renaming pristine files back and forth to prevent having them
      show up in the diff.)

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