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Re: Sponsoring gcc-h8300-hms

Hi Michael!

On Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Michael Tautschnig wrote:

> > On Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Michael Tautschnig wrote:
> > > Ok, I'm working on that one - I've succeeded to build the package, but a
> > > proper Debian package still requires a bit of work, I'll try to manage
> > > that by tomorrow.
> > 
> > Ok. You did notice that debian/rules has a special entrypoint for
> > crosscompiling builds, and also one for cleaning the result of that up?
> >
> Sure, this is what I've used, but I've not yet tweaked the rules to do that
> automagically.
> Thanks a lot for the pointers,
> Michael
> PS.: Do you think binutils-h8300-hitachi-coff is an appropriate package name?

binutils-h8300-coff is the proper name.  But don't rename the packages yet,
generate them with the old names in sid or you will get stuck in the NEW
queue, and that means *no* chance for Etch.

So, use binutils-h8300-hms and gcc-h8300-hms for now.

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