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Re: Still havent heard from upstream

On Thu, Oct 19, 2006 at 07:52:04AM +0100, Gouki wrote:
> I contacted the author (2 times) and asked his permission to create a
> Debian package of his application before I started. Days passed and I
> decided to go ahead. Maybe I would hear from him during the process.
> Since the package is almost ready, I contacted him again a couple of
> days ago and also didn't receive a reply.
> What do I do?


In case the license is DFSG free (so the package is suitable for main),
formally you do not need to even try to contact upstream at all.  It is
usually a good idea, but it is not a requirement.  So I'd suggest that you
just finish the package and request a sponsor.

However, if you have no contact with upstream, and there are bugs reported,
you will not be able to forward them.  So you may think about how you will
handle that: you should probably fix them yourself, and you may choose to fork
the whole project, so you can make a new release when the changes get big.  It
is also no problem to keep your changes in the Debian patch, and hope to get
in contact eventually.

Good luck,

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