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Problem with preload libraries


I accidentally came upon the following bug in at least two different
places that use LD_PRELOAD libraries:

   The LD_PRELOAD libraries have exported functions that are *not* part
   of the list of functions that the library is trying to override.

Specifically, this is applicable to #364730, #134729 and #278906. The
packages are alsa-oss and tsocks respectively. (The first bug is incorrectly
assigned to mutt I will re-assign it to alsa-oss as soon as I locate
the precise function causing the problem).

As can be expected this leads to incomprehensible behaviour of some
programs that are started with these preloads set in the environment[1]
and use similarly named functions.

I was wondering if there is some way for us to check for its
occurrence and prevent it from biting us with other pre-load
libraries. After all pre-load libraries are usually only used to
override "standard" system library functions and any globally exported
symbols that are not in the "standard" system libraries ought to be a
cause for suspiscion.



[1] It *is* a bit ironic the alsa-oss library was used with a
"network" application while the tsocks library was used with a "sound"
application. Perhaps this led to the bug being discovered!

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