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Re: RFS: audacious -- Small and fast audio player which supports lots of formats

Adam Cécile (Le_Vert) wrote:
> Would you upload another package for me ? I have several ready that haven't 
> found any sponsor yet...


> http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/sponsor-pkglist?action=details;package=libinklevel

please upgrade to rc5 first.

> http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/sponsor-pkglist?action=details;package=ink

please upgrade to rc3 first.

> http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/sponsor-pkglist?action=details;package=createrepo

good, except: changelog has an useless empty line at the end, and there
is a lintian error about python.

> http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/sponsor-pkglist?action=details;package=hellanzb

good, except: changelog has an useless empty line at the end, remove the
"All lines beginning with..." from the dpatch, for consistency I suggest
you rename hellanzb.install and hellanzb.manpages to install and manpages.

Btw, please send me the URIs to the *.dsc; so I don't have to fireup a
web-browser just for that.

And from now on, private mail will do it.. no need to go over -mentors

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