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Re: RFS: audacious -- Small and fast audio player which supports lots of formats

Le lundi 9 octobre 2006 15:23, Daniel Baumann a écrit :
> Adam Cécile (Le_Vert) wrote:
> >> audacious-locales is only interesting, if you don't want the additional
> >> locales installed, but it is unpacked only 1.5mb, not worthwile, include
> >> that into audacious. splitted out locales is only worthwile for some
> >> real large programs like openoffice.org, mozilla-* etc.
> >
> > It would save 1500+440 x supported_archs in the archive, I don't think
> > it's so useless... But as you want (I still don't understand why separate
> > packages could be a problem ;)).
> What I've written above is from the user point of view.
> >From the archive point of view, space isn't a problem, but useless
> binary packages are (britney has to consider every binary package
> independently, which is stressing memory consumption etc.).
> >> as these pull-in jack and arts, it makes sense to keep these plugins as
> >> a seperate package (as you mentioned and I agreed before). when you drop
> >> the original audacious-plugins, you can just rename
> >> audacious-plugins-extra into audacious-plugins.
> >
> > Well... This make sense but what's about uo-coming 1.2.0 release ?
> > Upstream will release it as two separate sources tarball, one for the
> > core software and lib, another one for all plugins.
> If the plugins and the core tarball are always released together, you
> can include those two tarballs into one debian source package (the two
> tarballs and unpack it while build:), which will not change the debian
> binary packages/package relations.
> If not, you have to go through NEW anyway, so you don't gain anything
> with it doing it now already, except that you have suboptimal packages now.
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Re-uploaded ton mentors with all what you asked :)

I hope it's ready, I'll be away for a few hours.

Thanks in advance.

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