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Re: RFS: swish++: A Simple Web Indexing System for Humans --- C++ version


New version incorporating further changes following suggestions of
James Westby (see below) at:


On Sun, 01 Oct 2006, James Westby wrote:
> On (26/09/06 17:26), Kapil Hari Paranjape wrote:
> >   	http://www.imsc.res.in/~kapil/debian/swish++/swish++_6.1.4-0pre5.dsc
> >   	and
> >   	http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/s/swish++/

> Hi, I have a few more comments,


>   * You say "The file COPYING is the Library GPL text.", whereas it is
>     the GPL.

Oops. A typo. Fixed.

>   * The COPYING.DJ file says
>       This document is Copyright (C) DJ Delorie and may be distributed
>       verbatim, but changing it is not allowed.
>     which I believe makes it not DFSG compatible. I suggest that you
>     repack the tarball removing all of the stuff Copyright this guy as
>     you say it is not needed.

As far as I understand it the DFSG does not apply to Copyright license
documents. For example the GNU "COPYING" document contains exactly
the same sentence. Specifically, at the top of the file
/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL we find.

 Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
 of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.

The file "copying.dj" is DJ Delorie's copyright license document so it
*can* insist that it be distributed verbatim.

I would rather not repack the tarball unless it is absolutely

>   * Remove the blank line from debian/docs.


Thanks and regards,


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