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Re: RFS: swish++: A Simple Web Indexing System for Humans --- C++ version

Kapil Hari Paranjape <kapil@imsc.res.in> wrote:

> As far as I understand it the DFSG does not apply to Copyright license
> documents. For example the GNU "COPYING" document contains exactly
> the same sentence.

That's right.

> The file "copying.dj" is DJ Delorie's copyright license document so it
> *can* insist that it be distributed verbatim.

Yes. Although we prefer license texts that are DFSG-free, this has never
been enforced in Debian AFAIK and is not about to change.

> I would rather not repack the tarball unless it is absolutely
> necessary.

At least, repacking in order to remove a license text that is not
DFSG-free is certainly not an option!


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