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Re: RFS: blacs-pvm (updated package)

On (25/09/06 20:53), Muammar Wadih El Khatib Rodriguez wrote:
> Dear mentors,
> I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 1.1-17
> of my package "blacs-pvm".


I cannot sponsor, but I have some comments for you.

  * Should the package names be prefixed with lib?
  * blacs1-pvm.postinst is useless, as that will be added by
  * Please drop the use of ${Source-Version}, see
  * The short descriptions are all lacking in my opinion
      Basic Linear Algebra Comm. Subprograms - Dev. files for PVM
    doesn't give much indication of what the package is for.
  * The convention is to indent Homepage: by two spaces, see
  * It would be good if the license informtion could be included in the
    package itself. At any rate I think it would help to make it clearer
    what is going on the the debian/copyright file. You should state
    that you enquired by email and got that response.
    Also there is no copyright information in that file, there is only
    license information wrongly labelled as copyright information. See
  * Why do you clean at the start of all your build targets? That is
    what the clean target is for, and is messy.
  * Please add a watch file.
  * There is an important linda warning
      W: blacs1-pvm; The library libblacs is not in a shlibs file.


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