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Reassigning Bugs


I have a bug which is not a bug in my package (packagesearch). However,
reassigning it to the package that causes that bug (apt-file), would
leave it no longer visible for my package, and thus probably result in
the bug to be posted again.
Is there a way to leave the bug visible for my package, but reassign it
to apt-file?

Options I have thought about, but found not to be optimal:
      * File a bug report against apt-file, and block the bug against
        packagesearch by the new one - close the bug against
        packagesaerch as soon as the bug in apt-file is closed. This
        option does not reflect reality: I could not specify the version
        of packagesearch this bug is closed in. Besides it requires me
        to notice when the bug in apt-file is closed.
      * File a bug report against apt-file, (force)-merge the bug in
        packagesearch with that one. Again this is not a truthful
        reflection of reality, but might be a way to go.

Any help is appreciated!



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