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Re: Reassigning Bugs

At 1159102812 past the epoch, Benjamin Mesing wrote:
> I have a bug which is not a bug in my package
> (packagesearch). However, reassigning it to the package
> that causes that bug (apt-file), would leave it no longer
> visible for my package, and thus probably result in the
> bug to be posted again.

I've had the exact same problem with one of mine: I found a
bug that was reassigned to a library my package links to.
This is the correct place for the bug, but if my program is
the only one to expose it, I get duplicate reports.

If you try the 'reassign XXX foo,bar' trick and it works,
please let me/the list know (perhaps the bts docs need a
docu-bug filed:) )

Jon Dowland

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