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Re: RFS: anaconda

On 9/12/06, Carlo Segre <segre@iit.edu> wrote:

I noticed that you first filed the ITP in June.  Since then, we have had a
python transition to 2.4 and there is a new standard for python packaging.
Th python2.X-package type packages are no longer the norm.  You will need
to convert your package to either python-central or python-support.

The wiki docs made it rather easy to understand and convert over to a
unified python package, but I need a small clarification.  Since my
python package provides only public extensions (no .py modules), I do
not need to reference python-support/python-central, correct?
python-support/python-central are needed only for bytecompilation of

Also, since I already uploaded to mentors.debian.net, I will have to
bump the revision from to  -1's changelog
entry is "Initial release (Closes: #376187)" (the ITP), but since -1
never actually made it to incoming, what is the procedure for making
sure the eventual upload will close the ITP?  Should I put "Initial
release (Closes: #376187)" again in the changelog for -2?  Remove -1's
changelog entry completely?

Ryan Finnie

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