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Re: RFS: aria2 [sponsored again]

On Saturday 02 September 2006 20:19, Patrick Ruckstuhl wrote:
> >>> - please do not remove old debian/changelog entries. You already
> >>>   closed the bug reports in the 0.7.2 version
> >>
> >> I thought because the package was rejected it is still the first
> >> upload (and therefore the first changelog entry with the closes).
> >> After the package is in debian it's clear to keep (and extend) the
> >> changelog.
> >
> > Basically you are right. I'm just a member of the "don't fake the
> > revision"-club. Some people insist that a Debian package's revision
> > must be "-1" to be uploaded. However often a package takes a few tries
> > until it's released so a revision can become 1.0-7 which is no problem
> > at all. I'm just comparing previous packages with newer packages and
> > wonder why debian/changelog entries disappear magically.
> So does the bts look at all changelog entries? Not only the latest
> (and would therefore not close the bug)?

You got me. I believe only bugs are closed in the BTS that are listed in 
the most current changelog entry because that's what makes it into the 
source control file during the upload.

Package is sponsored now.

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