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Re: RFS: queuegraph (take two)

On 2006-08-31 at 10:34:55 +0200, martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> wrote:
> also sprach Conall O'Brien <conall+debian@conall.net> [2006.08.31.1003 +0200]:
> > queuegraph - a RRDtool frontend for Postfix queue-statistics                    
> > The package is lintian clean.
> Some more comments:
>   debian/control: any reason why Homepage: is indented?

The Debian Developer's Reference states in Section 6.2.4:

  We recommend that you add the URL for the package's home page to the
  package description in debian/control. This information should be added
  at the end of description, using the following format:

         Homepage: http://some-project.some-place.org/

  Note the spaces prepending the line, which serves to break the lines

So this seems to be correct in Conall's package. Or am I understanding
this wrong?

Cheers, Tobias

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