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Re: RFS: pmplib - create music databases used by portable media players

On Monday 31 July 2006 06:28, George Danchev wrote:
> I looked at your source package and I think it is a better idea to split
> off a library package, or you have any good reasons not doing so ?

Yes, at the moment, we don't really expect anyone to be building against
the library - the package is simply intended as a way to distribute the 
easypmp program right now.

The plan is to stabilise the API before encouraging other projects to use it.
At that point, I'll add the headers, and necessary library sym-links.

Before I do that, I'll probably add support for to something (say, amarok), to 
check that the API is sensible.  Assuming it has a sensible API just because 
it's good enough for the easypmp program would be rather naive of us.

I don't think we're ready to maintain a sensible, stable API for the library 
part of it yet.
If we split out the library now, we'll quickly have the problem of runaway 
so-names, and even that's assuming we manage them correctly.

But you're right, we should split out the library package.  But I propose to 
do that when it's ready for reuse, as I've discussed with the upstream 

Thanks for looking it over,

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