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Re: using cow-shell to build a package

Hi Bastian,

Bastian Venthur napsal(a):
> Hi all,
> [snip/]
> Is it possible to login to a clean environment with you package, make
> changes and test until its ready and leave the environment later with no
> changes made to the environment but the package-tree? Does cow-shell
> provide this functionality. If yes, how?

I have no answer to your question, but I did exactly what you describe
using pbuilder, you can even optimize the process and loop-mount some
directory to the pbuilder so that you don't loose your changes after you
tweak rules properly...

As I think about it, I did set it up in a way that post-build hook in
pbuilder (or was it pre-build hook?) invoked interactive bash for me,
and I could continue using modify debian/rules && dpkg-buildpckage right
from the extracted & patched sources in a pbuilder provided chroot.

> Cheers,


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