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Re: RFS: dcfldd

On Wednesday 26 July 2006 10:55, James Westby wrote:
> Hi, I am not a DD, so I cannot upload for you, but I have quickly
> checked the package over.
> Overall the package looks in very good shape. There are a few minor
> things though


>  * debian/rules clean should call make distclean not make clean.

this was changed as distclean is not used in the Makefile but clean appears to 
do the same thing

>  * Lintian warning about old FSF address in debian/copyright.

i'd previously been advised to keep it as specified by upstream...

>  * The software is GPL v2 so point the users at GPL-2 on Debian systems.

/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL is v2 and the license states or greater

>  * Specify which version of the GPL your packaging is released under.

is the fact it is specified in debian/copyright not enough?

any other opinions on these points?



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