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Re: library files in package

On Thu, Jul 20, 2006 at 08:27:34AM +0200, Frank B. Brokken wrote:

Hi Frank, nice to see you here. :-)

What you say is correct, but I want to change the wording a bit to avoid

> You'll find examples of that in all debian library packages. It's not very
> different from making a binary package.

The change I'm making is "a binary package" -> "any other binary package".

What Debian calls a "binary package" is the thing that gets installed by the
user, independent of what's in it.  It usually ends in .deb (or .udeb for
installer binary packages).  There are two kinds of packages, "binary" and
"source".  So even a pure documentation package with only text files in it is
called a "binary package".  The library packages you talk about are binary
packages as well (and of course they also have a source package).

Bas Wijnen

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