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Re: Automatic installation of packages

On Wed, Jul 19, 2006 at 09:03:18PM -0700, Steven Hill wrote:
> I have been reading the literature on debian packages, and I am trying
> to figure out how to tell the package installer to automatically use
> "apt-get install" to satisfy a dependency at installation time - is
> there any way to do that?

What do you mean by "package installer"?  Do you mean dpkg?  If so, it's not
designed to automatically satisfy dependencies, but rather to just do
exactly what you tell it to.  You should use apt-get to install packages
including satisfying dependencies where necessary.

If you've got a local package that isn't in an apt repo that you want to
install, then you can use dpkg to install the package and then run "apt-get
-f install" to subsequently satisfy the dependencies and configure the first

- Matt

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