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Re: Automatic installation of packages

Le Wed, Jul 19, 2006 at 09:03:18PM -0700, Steven Hill a écrit :
> I have been reading the literature on debian packages, and I am trying
> to figure out how to tell the package installer to automatically use
> "apt-get install" to satisfy a dependency at installation time - is
> there any way to do that?  As far as I can see, the only effect of the
> "Depends" section in the control file is to cause the installer to check
> to see if the dependency is satisfied, and if not, abort the
> installation and tell the user of the unsatisfied dependency.

Dear Steven,

Are you sure that the dependancy you want to install is available
through your /etc/apt/sources.list file? The default behaviour of
apt-get  is to install packages listed in the "Depends" field if they
are not installed yet. I had a similar problem some time ago, then I
figured out that I was trying to install a "contrib" package without
having "non-free" available. But I had an error message.

Can you paste the output of your invocation of apt-get?

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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