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Re: RFS: giac - computer algebra system with nice GUI

Hi Carlos,

I had a look at your package.
I found some issues before I try to build it:

Carlos Enrique Carleos Artime <carleos@uica.info>:
> * Package name : giac

> * License      : GPL (separate package for non-free documents)

> It builds these binary packages:
> giac       - computer algebra system with nice GUI
> giac-doc   - computer algebra system with nice GUI
> giac-doc-nonfree - computer algebra system with nice GUI
I think, you have to split this non-free docu part from the main source 
package into a non-free source package, because the source package in 
main must not contain any non-free stuff.
Or did I miss something?

If you repack upstream source, you could also remove his debian dirs to 
have a more readable *.diff.gz. Perhaps you could ask him to release a 
Debian-free tarball. It is better for you as maintainer and for other 

- remove unneeded dh_* calls
- Why are there two additional rules.* files?

- contains not all copyright holders (inspect ALL sorce files for 
    copyright statements)

What is "Pari support" (in README.Debian)? You could explain it.

Thats all for this first turn.

Kindly regards,

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