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Re: shc -- #335278 broken packaging -- non-DD NMU prepared

On Fri, Jul 14, 2006 at 01:31:22PM +0200, Ricardo Mones wrote:
> > That also should be catched and warned, since an NMU done by a
> > maintaner makes no sense.
>   It's not very common, but it does: the NMU is prepared by another
> non-DD and the package maintainer sponsors it.

I remember a thread here not so long ago where it was pointed out that this
isn't actually an NMU.  The person doing an NMU fixes a bug in a package he
doesn't own.  For this, he must check if everything is ok, and do the upload.
If this person is not a DD, then of course he cannot do the upload.  So he
needs a sponsor.  This sponsor will need to check if everything is ok.  That's
exactly what he would do if he'd be doing the NMU himself.

So a sponsored NMU is really a normal NMU (by the sponsor), with the specific
situation that a patch for the fix was provided by someone else.  If the
sponsor is a maintainer, then it's just a normal fix provided by someone else.

Also, the person sponsoring an upload doesn't need to be mentioned in either
the changelog, or in the control file (it's usual that he is mentioned there,
but there's no need for it).  So it is very well possible (but probably not a
good idea) to perform real NMU as a maintainer.  A lintian/linda check
wouldn't give a false positive there.


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