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Re: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath documentation

On Wed, Jul 12, 2006 at 09:58:25PM +0100, Neil Williams wrote:
> Charles Fry wrote:
> > 
> > A package I am creating from scratch is giving me the lintian warning
> > binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath.
> I've looked for this kind of answer before - it's not as simple as it
> appears. rpath arises from libraries in non-standard locations, either
> alone or when linked to a binary.
> I'd certainly like to know just what others have done to solve rpath issues.

In my case (sawfish) I run configure then delete the -Wl--rpath,...
stuff from where it appears in the Makefiles before running make. But
this case is easy, because it's only put in one place (by rep-config)
and I checked manually that everything still compiles/runs afterwards.

Rodrigo Gallardo
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