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Re: RFS: fetchexc (updated: 1.10-2)

Ted Percival wrote:
> I've just uploaded version 1.10-2 of fetchexc which uses dpatch to patch
> the build.xml file rather than doing it directly through the .diff.gz,
> and also adds upstream's changelog.gz which I generated from the
> upstream website (aka the README.html file in the package).

Looks like I forgot to unpatch (revert) the build.xml file for the .diff.gz.

> I seem to remember seeing somewhere that uploading 1.10-2 would mean
> that the ITP "Closes" in the changelog from the 1.10-1 package won't be
> processed. I can easily re-roll the changelog to include the new closes
> line if that's the best way.

I'll bring it all back to a single changelog entry at version 1.10-1
with the ITP "Closes" in an upload when I get home this evening. It's
probably worth waiting until I upload that package before assessing it.
Hopefully it will really be ready by then.


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