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Re: Bug#377420: mod-bt - FTBFS: Not resolvable build dependencies

Bastian Blank <waldi@debian.org> wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 09, 2006 at 10:10:37AM -0700, Tyler MacDonald wrote:
> > > apache2-prefork-dev depends on libapr0-dev which conflicts with
> > > libapr1-dev.
> > 	But that should be fine, since I depend on libapr1-dev *or*
> > libapr0-dev, shouldn't it? pbuilder handles it without a problem...
> No. The autobuilders only use the first branch of an ORed build dependency.

Is that a bug or a feature? I thought if something was
lintian/linda/pbuilder-safe, then it was good for release. pbuilder
definately considers each option, and there are great practical benefits in
situations like this; when debian finally moves over to apache 2.2, from
pbuilder's perspective, mod-bt shouldn't need any changes as it stands now.
But if I have to remove the "apr1 | apr0" sutff, then a new version of
mod-bt (and every other apache2 module) will be neccessary when the switch
to 2.2 happens.

Or is there another way around this?

Either way, I'll produce a new version within the next week with the
dependancies corrected to autobuilders' satisfaction.


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