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Re: Academic Free License (was: Re: RFS: The bobcat library, stealth and bisonc++)

Dear MJ Ray, you wrote:
> George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net>
> > -legal, 
> >  Could you please comment on AFL v. 2.1 as found at:
> > http://opensource.org/licenses/afl-2.1.php
> >  this will serve as a future reference as well
> In general, please quote licence texts inline for ease of commentary.
> However, in this case, please check the archives for past references:
> The Academic Free License v2.1 was studied in October 2004.
> As far as I could tell, the problems were:
> ...

Considering the reported problems: by now both Stealth and Bisonc++ have their
licenses changed into the GPL, and the bobcat library has its license changed
into the Lesser General Public License.

The change of license is announced in GPG signed `errata' files that can be
found at the current file releases of stealth (errata-1.43), bisonc++
(errata-1.02) and bobcat (errata-1.9.0). At the next release of these
packages their new license will of course be an integral part of their 
source and binary distributions.

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