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Academic Free License (was: Re: RFS: The bobcat library, stealth and bisonc++)

On Friday 07 July 2006 18:11, Frank B. Brokken wrote:
> Hi List,

Hello Lists, Frank,

 Could you please comment on AFL v. 2.1 as found at:
 this will serve as a future reference as well

>     On June 30th, I sent in RFS's for my two programs Stealth and Bisonc++,
> as well as an RFS for my bobcat library, on which Stealth and Bisonc++
> depend.

I'm still in doubt with "Academic Free License v. 2.1". While I didn't spot 
any blatant DFSG-incompatibilities, I still have some issues with that 

First - it is GPL incompatible: 
that means that your bobcat library could not be used by GPL'ed programs.
Second - #11 - choice-of-venue/choice of law - I doubt there are people 
interested to travel all around the world to the licensor jurisdiction (in 
case of legal claims), which in some cases could be pretty, khm.. exotic. 
This is a little scary ;-)

I think that by making things perfectly clear (as of licensing under already 
proven free software license) you'll get much more users and won't frighten 
prospective sponsors. Anyways (as you wrote in a separate message to me) you 
are the copyright holder and you have no problems to re-license it under the 
GPL. So, if I were you, I stay on the safe side.

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