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Re: use of xvfb-run in pbuilder builds


> >> Are there any suggestions or can anyone point me to a package that
> >> successfully uses xvfb under pbuilder?
> >
> > In theory, it should work, though I have not really tried recently.
> >
> > Does your chroot have /tmp/.X11-unix ?
> >
> That is it, I guess.  I have a minimal chroot because I want to be sure 
> that the buildd network can build the package no matter what.  I suppose 
> that I will have to figure out how to install all the requirements at run 
> time or just give in and permanently install X on my chroots.  Is there 
> any guarantee that the buildds have this installed already?

It should be mostly guaranteed since this file is created as part of
boot process, or installation process, as long as invoke-rc.d is
handled properly.

pbuilder does it properly, but no idea how buildds are maintained wrt
this. Since xvfb is one thing that other packages already use in
build, it's probably functional. Even if it fails, it's arguably
something that should be fixed to work on buildd side.

dancer@{debian.org,netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

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