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Re: Question about linux-wlan-ng-firmware in main

This one time, at band camp, Raphael Hertzog said:
> Contrib is effectively meant for wrapper on non-free stuff. But contrib is
> really needed when the wrapper stuff is the *main purpose* of the package.
> In the case concerning us, we have 10 lines of DFSG-free code that can be
> used to download non-free firmwares within a bigger DFSG-free package.
> For me it's no worse than putting the 10 lines of code in README.Debian,
> it serves really the same purpose.
> So my vote is "keep that little wrapper in the main package, it doesn't
> hurt".
> In fact, I go even further: I wish that the package use a low-priority
> debconf question (defaulting to "do not download") to let the user execute
> the wrapper at installation time. Of course, the question should warn the
> user that he's about to download non-free stuff.

Can't you just ship those ten lines in contrib, and the rest in main?
This may be archive bloat, but surely it's arch:all, so that minimizes
the bloat at least.  I am not over fond of the freer-than-free holy
wars, but it does seem like this script is exactly the sort of thing
that contrib was designed for.
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