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Re: Question about linux-wlan-ng-firmware in main

Simon Richter <Simon.Richter@hogyros.de> writes:

> Hi,
>>>As I understand it, the sole purpose of this package is to download
>>>non-free firmware.  This fits into 'contrib', not 'main', since it
>>>depends on non-free software for its ultimate operation.  Packages
>>>like this are given as an example of packages for contrib.  From
>>>Policy 2.2.2:
> Hm, that is close to the case of mISDN's "loadfirm" utility. The
> consensus back then was that splitting off a (free) firmware loader
> from a free package was not worth the effort required (after all,
> we're not violating licenses here); also IMO it is a bit
> counterproductive, as people wishing to write free firmware would have
> to get the firmware loader from contrib then.
>     Simon

But does it have any use without the non-free firmware? Only then can
you close an eye and let it stay in main due to its other functions.


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