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Re: RFS: FSlint - File System lint

Sorry to intrude but I wanted to clarify a bit (although there had been
a lengthy thread on native packages not that long ago)
> You need to remove debian/ directory form fslint_2.15.orig.tar.gz file in
> order to produce non Debian native package!

Could you please point me where it is *required* (to address "need
to") that upstream sourced do not include debian/?
I fully understand, that 

  having no debian in upstream source is handy for any dpatch-oriented
  DD, since with dpatch you wouldn't be able to patch most debian/ files
  Otherwise, there is no harm at all for upstream to provide any debian/
  infrastructure -- any change can be easily absorbed into .diff.
  Inconvenience arises also in a conflict within debian/changelog
  entries, so manual interaction might be necessary on each uupdate
  NMU can happen for native packaging as well and versioning scheme is
  there, so I don't see much of a problem there. 

And if we go through the policy we can find next excerpts which do not
rule out possibility for upstream to have debian/ directory and for
upstream author to be a debian maintainer as well.

so talking about native packaging:
Policy C.3:
> | ... or the Debian maintainer is the same as the upstream maintainer
> | - the format is slightly different:...

and further from C as well: 
"This is a unified context diff (diff -u) giving the changes which are
required to turn the original source into the Debian source." So if
original source already includes everything to be a Debian source, and
requires only minor tuning, (or not at all), then only those minor
changes (at least Debian/changelog entry with proper maintainer
information) need to be in .diff.gz.

So I don't see anything which requires debian/ directory to be absent
from the orig.tar.gz especially if a package maintainer is the upstream.
And also I don't see any strict requirement
(although I understand that it is desired) to don't use native
versioning schema for not-only-for-debian packages.

I think that policy/dev-ref is not clear on that at the moment, that is
why relevant questions come up from time to time.

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