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Re: C Tutorial ?

Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> writes:

> Since I am using Debian GNU/Linux since 1999 (Slink, 2.1)
> successfuly, my four daughters (17, 14, 12 and 7years) too...
> Now Laila (14) want to start coding in C and GTK and she need
> really good tutorials (with real examples).  OK, we have found
> allready "libgtk2.0-doc" which is perfectl written.

Note that programming GTK+ in C is not "C programming", it's "GObject
programming".  This requires that you know not only about how objects
are implemented on a fundamental level by the C++ compiler (virtual
method despatch with vtables, typeinfo, inheritance, polymorphism,
RTTI etc.), but how to re-implement these concepts in C.  And, in
addition, several features from smalltalk such as properties.

If your daughter wants to learn C, that's great, but GTK+ isn't really
what you do first with C; it's what you do once you've mastered C
*and* C++, and then decided to use C instead.  I.e. it's not something
you would want to intimidate a beginner with (or many experienced
programmers!), and is not generally a good choice.  If it was me, I'd
stay with PyGTK!

For learning "plain" ISO C, I would suggest one of the many C books
that cover all the C89 language basics.  If it covers C99, that's even

If she still wants to learn to use GTK+, she might find this useful:


(PDF and source code examples)


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