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Seeking for sponsor for a download manager called "wxDownload Fast"

  I'm developing a download manager for a fill years, and I like to
see this program in the debian tree. So, If some DD is interested in
sponsor this program, please let me now.

Program name
wxDownload Fast

Project page:

A multithread download manager created using the library wxWidgets.

* Allows to carry through download of some archives simultaneously,
 and allow to split the downloads in some lowered parts.
* Allows to schedule a download
* Allows to organize the archive already downloaded
* Allows to continue one download interrupted of the point where had stopped
* The messages sent/received for the program when connecting to servers HTTP/FTP
 or for local downloads(file://)
* It can be translated with easiness for any language.  Being
available initially
 in Portuguese[Brazil], Spanish and English
* Allows to connect in FTP servers(only FTP) which need password
* Generate the MD5 of the downloaded archives, facilitating the verification

In the project page there is a debian package (for the unstable tree)
to download.


Max Velasques

Do you want portability?
Try wxWidgets (www.wxwidgets.org)

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