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RFS: fullquottel, mailtextbody, mimetic

I'm looking for a sponsor to upload the three packages listed below;
my last sponsor is busy at the moment (thanks for your help until
now!) therefore I'm asking here. The packages are:

* fullquottel
fullquottel is in testing and unstable, the new version fixes a
wishlist bug (#356375), the only change in the package is the

* mimetic
mimetic was already in the new queue but it was rejected due to
inappropriate names of the binary packages. The new version fixes
these names and is identical otherwise (ITP: #313088).

* mailtextbody
mailtextbody is in the new queue and waiting for mimetic which it
depends on. The new revision changes the dependencies on mimetic to
mimetic's new binary packages names and is identical otherwise
(ITP: #347828).

All packages can be downloaded from

Thanks in advance for checking/uploading the packages.

Kind regards,

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