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Re: Attempting to adopt two packages

Justin Pryzby wrote:
>> However, I can't install it via dpkg, only through apt.
>> dpkg argues that it can't uninstall installwatch because checkinstall
>> needs it.
> But checkinstall doesn't need it, right?  You should probably drop
> that Depends .. You want to have Replaces+Conflicts, though.  You
> probably also want to add Provides, or a dummy package with the name
> of the old Debian package which is now included in the new package, to
> force the new package to be installed.
I don't depend on installwatch. The older checkinstall needs it. So
basically this is a "feature" of dpkg: checkinstall depends on
installwatch. Now, checkinstall replaces+conflicts installwatch (I tried
adding provides also, but it didn't work either), but dpkg refuses to
upgrade because the checkinstall version _currently_ installed depends on
installwatch, which has to be uninstalled in order to upgrade checkinstall.
So dpkg won't look very far in time, as probably was intended, to keep it

> /usr/doc/ is now a policy violation; documentation must live in
> /usr/share/doc/.
That was a typo. I am placing stuff in /usr/share/doc.


Felipe Sateler

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