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Re: Attempting to adopt two packages

On Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 05:35:15PM -0300, Felipe Sateler wrote:
> contact Matt, but so far I haven't received any response (mail was sent on
> 11/01/06). I do know I have to file an ITA bug to each package, but I
In the case of installwatch, you should retitle the 'O'rphan bug
instead: http://packages.qa.debian.org/installwatch => #347469

> 2) It seems to me that now, since installwatch and checkinstall come bundled
> and that they are small packages (each package is 23 and 64 KB
> respectively), it makes sense to merge this two packages. Does it?
The most important reason/justification for merging the 2 packages is
that a single upstream source package now provides both. 

> If it is, how is this to be done?
What you want to happen, is that anyone who has either of installwatch
or checkinstall now, ends up with the new version of whatever the new
packagename will be.  Do it by setting

Package: foo
Replaces: bar
Conflicts: bar

The overloaded combination of Conflicts+Replaces means "this is the
new name for package bar", so it will cause files in bar but not foo
to be removed.

Note that if there were conffiles in bar which you wanted to become
owned by package foo, and you wanted to change the contents of that
conffile too, you would have to do extra work in preinst (but this
doesn't appear to be the case).

> 3) Actually, the source packages need merging anyway. Do the
> changelogs need merging? How is that done?
Copying the changelog for package "bar" to a new file
changelog-bar-old is probably the cleanest way.

You might consider requesting uploads as an NMUs initially, though if
it were a QA-owned package this would be a "QA upload" rather than an


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