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Attempting to adopt two packages

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For a while now, I've been interested in the checkinstall package. I see
that the current maintainer (Matt Hope) is apparently MIA, and that
installwatch (which currently is shipped with checkinstall now, anyway) was
orphaned recently. So I'd like to adopt these two packages, and have
already done some work on them. However, I have some questions:
1) What is the proper way to handle hijacking of packages? I have tried to
contact Matt, but so far I haven't received any response (mail was sent on
11/01/06). I do know I have to file an ITA bug to each package, but I
haven't yet (I'd rather be sure what to do before doing it).
2) It seems to me that now, since installwatch and checkinstall come bundled
and that they are small packages (each package is 23 and 64 KB
respectively), it makes sense to merge this two packages. Does it? If it
is, how is this to be done?
3) Actually, the source packages need merging anyway. Do the changelogs need
merging? How is that done?

Any help with this questions is greatly appreciated.
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Felipe Sateler
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