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Re: Packaging Maven 2 - shipping binaries for bootstrapping.

[I'm on the list so no need to CC]

On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 09:59 +0100, Philipp Meier wrote:
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> Trygve Laugstøl schrieb:
> > I tried to package Maven 2 last summer and you seem to have gotten as
> > far as I was back then so let me give you a small braindump.
> > 
> > You seem to have found some of the depdencies that Maven needs to build
> > itself, but there is a whole lot more of them. You can drop a few of
> > them if you skip all the tests for the inital package. I think I found
> > out that the entire dependency graph of Maven 2 (not sure if this
> > included test dependencies or not) was around 100 artifacts so there's a
> > few packages to build :)
> Regarding maven-components I counted about 50 dependencies. I omitted
> different versions of the same package. Out of those I could identify
> the following which have to be debianized, yet:
> doxia-*
> modello-*
> plexus-* (plexus-utils is in the archives)
> wagon-*
> surefire
> I ignored transient dependencies for now, but it seams to be doable.

Why? They're as much needed as the direct dependencies.

> My worry is still wheter to ship binaries in the source to bootsrap a
> first maven 2 version in debian or going to make ant files for the first
> version's dependencies.

I'm still pretty sure that you can't ship with binaries and I really
don't see the need for it.

Maven has a generic boot process that it use to build itself. This
bootstrap mechanism most likely can be (and was designed to be) usable
for bootstraping other Maven-based projects. As I've said before I want
to help out from the Maven side of things so if changes are needed to
the bootstrap I'll take care of that part. It will be useful for
everyone who's looking into making Maven to packages.


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