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Re: Packaging Maven 2 - shipping binaries for bootstrapping.

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Hi debian java folks, hi mentors,

I'm posting this to mentors, too, because the problem described below is
not only about maven2 but about a general problem with bootstrapping
circularely depending packages.

More news on packaging maven2. I was able to built some more
dependencies of maven2 as debian packages. Now, I reached a point where
I need a hint:

Maven-components  is built with a custom bootstrapping shellscript which
builds some core components of maven2 and then builds maven2 with the
help of the bootstrapped libraries. Maven-repository-metadata built
during the bootstrapping depends on a modello-test. modello-test itself
depends on maven-artifact. Modello test is a seperate package which
shall be built seperately from maven2. Because maven-repository-metadata
and maven-artifact are built using the bootstrapping script in one build
run there is a circular dependency. Think A -> C, C -> B where A and B
are in the same source package, C is in another.

I see two ways of breaking this:

First, ship modello as binary jar file with the first source tarball of
maven2 until maven2 is in the archives and can build modello. The
license of modello allows the binary contribution. The later versions
can be built with the packages from the archives then.

Second option: Split maven-components into several packages. This will
be not very easy because of the sophisticated bootstrapping of maven2.
The process buils some bootstrapping code using a shellscript which
build a level 2 bootstrapper which builds the maven core which builds the
maven plugins. Event then, marven-artifact must be shipped as a separate
source package because of the dependencies described above.

Any objections against using the first method to get an initial version
of maven2 into the archives?

- -billy.
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Philipp Meier - meier@fnogol.de

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