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Re: RFS: personalbackup

Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
Dear Kim Kuylen,

I am quite sorry to ask such a rhetoric question but is there any
advantage over backuppc which seems to be much superior (ie
implementing everything what personalbackup does and even more) and
quite similar in how it implements the features and has been in
the Debian for quite a while.

The storage principle of backupPC is quite different. The biggest disadvantage is that it needs a full backup to begin with and sometimes the shares that need to be backed up are to big to be handled in 1 day. Here lays a big advantage for
PersonalBackup. It handles larger backups more easily than BackupPC.

PersonalBackup also does not need any client software at all (as with backupPC), however backupPC recommends to use a custom rsync daemon to be able to backup up large shares on the m$ platform.

I see the user interface also as a big advantage, in backupPC the user interface is targeted for the administrator audience,
where in PersonalBackup it is mainly targeted towards the end users.

In our company we also use primarily laptops, for PersonalBackup this does not matter at all, in backupPC you need to define this explicitly. Even backing up over a VPN connection is possible with PersonalBackup and you can apply different backup rules during the VPN connection time.

In PersonalBackup the end users can restore their own data by making use of an intuitive web interface.

The PersonalBackup suite is currently using a PostgreSQL backend...and this makes generating reports/statistics pure fun :)

Best Regards,
Kim Kuylen

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