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[RFS] qterm: BBS client for X Window System written in Qt


I have papared a new deb package for qterm(0.4.0pre4-1), it fix a
FTBFS for g++-4.1 bug. It can be download from [1].

[1] http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/q/qterm/

It's not lintian and linda clean. lintian report following
warnings[2], linda report similar warnings. I don't know what's the
most proper way to deal with these warnings.

$ lintian qterm_0.4.0pre4-1_source.changes
W: qterm source: dh-make-template-in-source debian/manpage.1.ex
W: qterm source: dh-make-template-in-source debian/manpage.sgml.ex

this package include a debian sub-directory, but this is not always
the case. for example, the 0.4.0-pre3 does not include debian
sub-directory. so I don't think qterm is a debian-native package. I
hope the upstream authors' can improve the release process.

there some several ways to deal with this warning:
a. leave it
b. repackage the source package
c. install fie under /usr/share/lintian/overrides/

I choose a becase I am lazy.

I need a sponsor to upload this package. Is there any sponsor want to
join me maintian this package?


LI Daobing

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